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Impermanence Chant

Impermanence Chant:

[sung three times at the end of the funeral (matika) chant]

(with pronunciation guide for the Pali)



Anicca vata sankhara                                               All things are impermanent;

|ah-nee-cha wah-tah sahng-ka-rah|

Uppada vaya dhammino                                         They arise and they pass away.

|oo-pah-da wah-ya dah-mee-no|

Uuppajjitva nirujjhanti                                           To be in harmony with this truth

|oo-pah-chee-too-a nee-roo-chan-tee|

Tesam vupassamo sukho                                        Brings great happiness.

|tay-sahm woo-pah-sam-oh soo-koh